Nikites Mesogion Football Academy  offers  children of 5 years and beyond the occasion to belong in a team that will offer to them an unforgettable for  life experience. Initially they have the occasion to learn and to love the mostly loved game of  the  planet, and through this,  discover and  cultivate the innate talents of their personality. Based on the fact that football is an extremely educational beyond recreational game, our objective is for  children to acquire through playing  values that will always accompany them  and  promise a successful but  above  all happy life. Certain of them are self-confidence, discipline,  teamwork,  responsibility, sharing, respect and enjoyment. In a few words, a “  Winner of life attitude”, of a person that sets goals that express and fulfill him and achieves  them  step by  step enjoying every moment of the process while taking the lessons that lead him to success…

Nikites Mesogion Football Academy - Logo made by Players
Nikites Mesogion Football Academy