About Us

Nikites Mesogion Football Academy is a creation of its owner and director Ilias Karapiperis. It was founded in 2004 being a member of the Olympiacos FC Football Schools network and it soon gained the fame of the top school, attracting the kids of the most famous fans of the great football club of Piraeus. In 2011 having more than 125 players the academy withdrew from the network with the intention to give the opportunity to kids supporting other clubs to join the academy. This is how Nikites(meaning winners) were born, defining the main goal of the organization, to promote a “winner of life” mentality to its members. The academy manages the football club Nikites Anthousas-Mesogion through which its teams participate in the official championship of the regional union, (epsana).

Nikites Mesogion Football Academy - Logo made by Players
Nikites Mesogion Football Academy